Reyes to Asprilla: “Don’t degrade Junior, go file a complaint with the CAI!”

It seems that the Junior title in the League, like no other in the history of short tournaments in Colombia, causes incomprehensible pain, burning, inflammation, itching, allergy, stinging, discomfort and irritation.

Several journalists from the interior and fans of other teams have tried to overshadow and dismiss the tenth star in the history of the red and white team by putting on the table the old debate about the Colombian championship system, ‘that does not reward the one who scores the most points during the season” and “it is unfair.”

This is something that had never been sparked and fueled with such force in similar situations as other champions, who instead allowed their ‘hierarchy and greatness’ to be emphasized to gain the upper hand at crucial moments, as Junior actually did in the stages. .

Amid this context, during the F90 program, broadcast on Espn, Arturo Reyes, the special guest, and Faustino Asprilla, panelist, had a hot controversy.

The Junior coach, who has just led his team to the highest honor in Colombian football, was angry at a comment from ‘Tino’ in which he raised the vaunted issue, saying that “mediocrity is rewarded in the country.”

Apparently he was trying to lower the profile of the ‘Sharks’ sporting achievement and Reyes didn’t like it.

“Tino, this is how America was champion, this is how national champion was, this is how Millonarios was champion, and you were all talking about being fair winners,” Reyes emphasized before the conversation escalated.

“No, no, no, I said that this tournament is very poorly designed, that it lends itself to that, because a team that ultimately does poorly… who did you beat to qualify? “Three teams were eliminated, and they participated!” Asprilla reacted as if Junior had not come back from a 3-0 deficit against América de Cali, one of the favorite teams to win the championship, in the regular phase.

The Samario helmsman defended his work and that of his students, vehemently reminding Asprilla that the two teams that scored the most points in the second tournament, Águilas and Medellín, could not defeat Junior in the final stages of the competition.

‘And who are we beating in the home runs, Fausto? And who will we beat in the final? “Who were the first two teams?” the coach asked more energetically.

“If they had held the tournament here like in Brazil, the one who scores the most points is the one who wins…” Asprilla said before Reyes responded with a traditional line: “If my grandmother wasn’t dead, she would be. ” empathize.” .

There, Atlantic journalist Melissa Martínez also intervened and supported Reyes: “And if I were a Victoria Secret Angel, I wouldn’t be sitting here with you.”

“Enjoy the title, very nice, but the tournament is very poorly designed,” shot Asprilla.

“If the tournament were like the Brazilian Championship, it would mean that the best teams would fight for the title. Even historic teams like Vasco and Santos risk relegation, because there they don’t reward mediocrity, here they do. What should we do if the championship looks like this?”, Asprilla added.

“Go file a complaint with the CAI,” the junior coach responded immediately, in the middle of Melissa’s mockery of Asprilla.

But the scuffle didn’t stop there.

“I don’t file complaints,” Asprilla said.

“Yes sir, because you are detracting from the team’s work!” Reyes replied.

-I don’t detract from anything, if I could I would give them another award, I congratulate them.

“Of course yes, of course yes,” Reyes said ironically.

-Look, I congratulate you… Maybe you barely have 10 titles, it’s not that you have 20, you have 10!

-Don’t hide in the congratulations.

-No, no, no, I’m not hiding from anything. I say that for me, for Faustino Asprilla, Colombian football is very mediocre, because that is the case.

-You’re detracting!

-I’ve always said it: National wins, America wins.

-Perfect, but the champion is Junior! – said Reyes.

-Mediocrity isn’t Junior’s thing, it’s something Asprilla tried to clarify.

“The Paloquemao CAI is a mile away,” Melissa added, adding some humor to the controversy, which ended on good terms with a cordial and respectful farewell between Reyes and Asprilla.

Source: El heraldo