Verschoor remains at the top of Formula 1 and signs contract with F2 team Trident

Richard Verschoor will also compete in Formula 2, which is considered the gateway to Formula 1, next season. The Dutch driver, who turned 23 last week, will return to his former Italian employer Trident.

“We talked to four candidates, including Van Amersfoort Racing, the Dutch team I enjoyed driving last season. “They helped me a lot, but I trusted my instincts and had the best feeling at Trident.”

“I know the team well and I will work there again in 2022 together with my engineer Giampaolo Dall’Ara. This got me a good number of clicks.

Strong start

In 2016, at the age of sixteen, Verschoor made a strong start in formula racing by becoming champion in Spanish Formula 4 with Dutch MP Motorsport. Three years later, he also won the prestigious Macau Grand Prix in Formula 3 with this team.

For the Dutchman, this is the fourth season in the Formula 1 nursery. Verschoor has competed in 73 Formula 2 races over three seasons with four different racing teams, winning three times and reaching the podium eight times.

In his first season at Trident, he finished twelfth in the championship. “But this year I lost the victory in Austria because then there was not enough fuel in the car. “If we had been a little luckier, we could have been in the top six.”

He wants to win the championship in 2024. “We are using the new generation Formula 2 cars and we can test them in January. This offers opportunities because everyone starts from scratch. Then experience can make a difference, especially at the beginning of the season.”

Communication with Haas failed

Verschoor says he does not find it frustrating to race in Formula 2 for another season. There were contacts with the Haas Formula 1 team last season, but nothing concrete came of it, including the lack of testing opportunities.

“It’s also about money. “It’s like a racing seat in Formula 2,” explains Verschoor. “I’m glad I was able to find a place again. I have zero euros from home. “My budget – and you’re talking millions – comes from sponsors, to whom I am very grateful.”

Four years is a long time in Formula 2. Most drivers race there for two seasons. Only a few make the move to Formula 1, with many moving on to other racing classes.

Swiss Ralph Boschung rose to first place in Formula 2 with 106 races and seven seasons. “He lives in this class,” jokes Verschoor, who is not aiming for this himself. “I still dream of Formula 1, but to have such a chance, I first need to have a stable and strong season in Formula 2.”

Source: NOS