This is how Argentina celebrates the first anniversary of the World Cup title in Qatar 2022 | Video

A year after winning the Qatar 2022 world title, the entire ‘Escaloneta’ celebrated the achievement of football remembered by all Argentinians.

In addition to the team’s most emblematic players and coaching staff, the rest of the men who won the penalty shootout against France in the controversial final on December 18, 2022 also showed enthusiasm on social media.

It was predestined, it couldn’t be otherwise. It was written in the sky ⭐⭐⭐

Happy birthday, world champion! ????

– ????????? Argentina National Team ⭐⭐⭐ (@Argentina) December 18, 2023

Anjo Di MariaScorer of Albiceleste’s second goal at the end of the iconic Lusail Stadium. He posted a photo of himself kissing the trophy on his Instagram account on the social network.

“Today is the first anniversary of Argentina’s great football dream (…) We will never forget this December 18, where all blue and white hearts trembled,” added “Fideo”.

Some, like Olympique Lyonnais defender Nicolas Tagliafico, still don’t believe it.

“I still can’t believe this happened 1 year after the most beautiful dream I’ve had in my entire career… and I still haven’t woken up from it!!!” he explained.

The youngest, such as Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernández, voted best player of the World Cup, or JUlian Alvarez took advantage of the birthday and published on their social networks a photo montage prepared by the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

The rest of the Argentine players who attended Qatar 2022 They spoke in a similar way. We celebrate victory in a World Cup that started with a heavy defeat against Saudi Arabia in the first match of the group stage, but quickly became a real “tour de force” match for the Argentina national team.

There were moments of tension – such as the gripping quarter-final match against the Netherlands – but Lionel Messieu’s Argentina won its third World Cup to the rhythm of his unofficial anthem ‘Boys’.

Two days after captivating an entire country, the players of ‘Scaloneta’ tried to get as far as possible. Walking through the streets of Buenos Aires this became impossible. They have between five and six million Albicelestes fans on the streets.

There was such a crowd around the Buenos Aires obelisk that the national team’s panoramic bus had to cancel its course and the players had to be airlifted over the Argentine capital by helicopter.

A year has passed since this date in the history of Argentine football, but the key players will never forget the 120 minutes (plus penalties) that changed everything.

(With information from EFE)

Source: La Neta Neta