The success of Junior and Reyes, say it without crying

I am among those who have always thought that crises should be precipitated in order to correct what needs to be corrected and to improve what needs to be improved. What they said in the past that it was better to fall than to hang can be used in this Junior of Barranquilla, whose tenth star contains the greatest number of adverse, complicated, problematic and unlikely situations, which served as experiences to develop the best team of the semester.

The fact that the one who wins is not always the best is a manifestation of losing teams. Never will a champion make such a statement that carries frustration and sadness.

Football, like life, is not linear. It has twists and turns, ups and downs, pleasant and unpleasant moments, conflicts, unity and division. This Junior 2023-2 has experienced all of this.

Medellín is a great team with a great coach. He showed his strength and good football throughout the matches until reaching the final, eliminating Millonarios, América and Nacional.

And if Junior beats the big Medellín team in the final, the mighty team, the favorite, then he will be the best of them all.

That when football is played like this or ‘asao’, it is something different. For the taste of life, football, good wine, boleros and women’s perfume.

The coaches want to include, the taste we have for the way football can be played is so arrogant that it usually leads to disappointment.

All technicians know it. Some earn more than others. The fact that they don’t play the way “I want” is something else. Absolutist positions were never good, neither in human history nor in football.

The victorious Arturo Reyes, champion coach at Junior, arrived in Barranquilla with his trophy, confirming that he was the best. That same Junior and that same Reyes who were predicted to return defeated by the best team and the best coach. It’s just that they don’t learn…

Source: El heraldo