Atlco League. school accused of attacking referee suspended for 5 years

Exclusion from the football championship and suspension for a term of five years from all competitions of the Atlantic League were the sanctions the school received Evolution football for attacking the referee Brandon Alandete in a match that took place on December 13.

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The Atlantic Soccer League, via the Commission on Penalties and Sanctionshas issued resolution number 043, stating that the “Commission has taken note of some videos circulating through social networks, just as they have been front page news through the media in the city Barranquilla, and even at national level, making this a notorious fact and widely circulated in social and sporting circles, leading to evidence that the facts occurred.”

For this reason, he took the decision to implement the respective sanctions because “the discipline of sports requires strict observance of the rules of the game and faithful observance of appropriate behavior; its violation entails sanctions that vary depending on the type of sports practice or the nature of the competitions in which one participates,” the resolution said.

As it stands now, the school is being removed from the school championship and will also be declared loser of the match by a score of 3 – 0 against them and in favor of the Carib Fusion ClubAnd. She was also fined 500 thousand pesos.

The sports club will also be unable to participate in any Atlantic League competition for a period of five years. But in addition, nine players from the school have also been suspended for the same period and will not participate in the League.

Source: El heraldo