“A historic opportunity opens up”: Joan Laporta | video

Joan Laportathe president Football Club Barcelona, He assured this Thursday, upon learning of the decision Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) who considers the veto “illegal” UEFA and FIFA organizations European Super League What “opens up a historic opportunity to change European football and “improve and solve” some of the current problems.

“We believe that from now on the new historic opportunity to try to solve some serious problems which today threaten the future viability of the vast majority of clubs. In this sense, FC Barcelona will try to promote innovative formulas to improve current European competitions.“he assured Lapora in international discourse.

The statements, which come after it became known on the same Thursday that Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) thought that Ilegal veto of UEFA and FIFA organizations European Super League group of teams, including Real Madrid and FC Barcelonaconcluding that the standards applied by these two international associations are not subject to any criteria guaranteeing them transparency, proportionality and objectivity.

“To enter the constructive debate what we demand to improve and reform the current structures of European football. legal issue needs to be clarified is the current Whether the UEFA monopoly is compatible with European law or not.

“Today CJEU Resolution This is of great importance for the future of our sport and He agrees with us, deciding that with the current “status quo” of European football there is a monopoly situation. incompatible with the principles of European law,” Laporta said.

Regarding the Super League project, he stated that it would be “open and completely meritocratic” format.

This would make football more sustainable for the clubs themselves, more friendly to low-key football, more attractive and even more accessible to fans around the world. This proposal aims to improve European football as a whole, both men’s and women’s.

However, he made it clear that Barcelona doesn’t want to play against La Liga but to “create synergy” with all parties involved, including UEFA and FIFA.

Barça’s position on the new European Super League format is not at all directed against the Spanish La Liga or against the national leagues. On the contrary, with better European competition and more resources for clubs, domestic leagues will become more balanced and competitive. We want to establish an open and constructive dialogue with the goal of creating positive interactions between all parties.

Laporta defended it because of its “history and historical weight” within European football, as well as its “responsibility”, Barcelona must have a say in the present and future of European football.

By protecting the interests of our members, we felt that we must ensure the current and future sustainability of the organization. We believe that the time has come when clubs, and especially those owned by their members, as in the case of FC Barcelona, ​​will have more control over their destiny, more control over their future, more control over their own sustainability.

In a statement, the club expressed its opinion. “satisfaction” with the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in which the Super League project was approved. As one of the leading entities of the Super League, Barcelona football club believes that the verdict “opens the way to new competition” “top-level” football in Europe by demonstrating “against the monopoly figure in the world of football.”

Thus, as detailed Laporta, Club Blaugrana wants to offer a proposal for dialogue on what the future model of European competition should be. The club, which celebrates being a past “pioneer” in the world of sport through its multi-sport activities, ensures that the “sustainability” of European football in the medium term involves the creation of a concept similar to that spearheaded by A22 for the Super League.

“A competitive model that delivers solving the problem of calendar congestion and excess of national team matches, which is promoted in financial fair play regulation between the teams participating in the competition, and that put local and international footballers and fans at the center of the show. A model who respects ffunctioning and sustainability of domestic competitions and what should you have in meritocracy of results is the main engine of the game,” remembered the essence of Blaugrana.

In the year in which the club will celebrate 125 years of history, Barça wants to continue to share its experience and sports knowledge with the team propose solutions to current problems this highly competitive sport has.

For this reason, the club supports the Super League proposal put forward by A22 and calls for constructive debate between all football organizations both at home and abroad, now that it has been approved by today’s decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union. All subject to full reading of the proposal.

(according to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias