America ends 2023 with comeback against Barcelona | video

Eagles of America they gave closing in 2023 with the famous victory over Barcelona football clubhis first match after coronation Apertura 2023 Champions belonging Liga MX last Sunday and it last meeting of the yearplayed on Thursday at Dallas USA.

At a meeting full Barça’s young figuresMexico team won 23continuing Holiday “14”achieved on Sunday with a 3:0 victory (4:1 aggregate) over UANL Tigers in that Aztec Stadium.

Team led by Javi Hernandezthey just repeated according to their ownership Joao Felix And Christensenand the goalkeeper made his debut in the starting lineup Under Astralag and defenders Pau Kubarsi And Gerard Martin. In contrast, the Aguilas wore a formation much closer to that used during their local tournament.

Fast game, promoted rain He scored in the first minutes of the game and Lamin Yamal It didn’t take him long to put 1-0 on the scoreboard in the 6th minute. starting the game from the right flank, marking an excellent diagonal to the center, entering the penalty area and beating the goalkeeper with a not very accurate shot.

As usual at the start of the season, the Catalan team’s joy was short-lived as the Mexicans they answered at the 12th minute with heel from Colombia Julian Quinoneswho managed to control the ball in a small area with the help of Alejandro Zendejas in the face of a weak Cubarsí brand.

As the minutes passed, the game lost intensity and the teams gave up the high pressure, but opportunities continued to come from both sides.

In that 28, Hector Fort starred in a good joint play with Lamin Yamal And Unai and crossed from the right for the first strike in a small area Mark Guiuwho once again showed that he has a scoring instinct that Barcelona does not have.

WITH 2-1 this has been achieved rest not without preliminary showing off Under Astralag with an excellent stop, putting his foot out before shooting at point-blank range with Leo Suarez.

America came out of the locker room more focused and took advantage of the double. Barcelona’s mistake return a draw to the scoreboard minute 50 again with your hand Quinones after snatching the ball from Kubarsiwho fell in the penalty area when he was already in control of the ball.

Andrew Jardine and Xavi changed most of his players in the opening minutes of the second half, with changes that gave the Mexicans control and possession.

The Barcelona coach brought in players such as Ferran Torres And Robert Lewandowskialthough most of the eleven were still among the young men who usually obey orders Rafa Marquez at Barcelona Athletic.

In minutes 82, Henri “La Bomba” Martin the return is over Las Aguilas’ unorthodox header in response to Diego Valdez’s excellent cross from the left brought the goal into the light. 2-3 finals and to please the fans, mostly Mexican, who did not fill the stadium.

Thus, Club of America won a friendly tournament against economically needy Barcelona, ​​which returns to Spain with about 5 millions of dollars just for participating.


Source: Aristegui Noticias