Will sports parades take place on Moscow’s Red Square again?

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, proposed restoration of Sports Parades that last took place on Red Square in August 1945 in the presence of then Soviet leader José Stalin.

He instructed the executive branch to present the proposal with relevant suggestions by March 1, the Kremlin said on its website.

The initiative comes from the president of the International Boxing Association (IBA), Umar Kremlev, who emphasized that the organizers are already preparing the lists of participants.

The idea comes from Soviet parades, which showed for everyone unity, cohesion and the unshakable belief that sport unites all generations.

He announced that the parade will take place on Red Square, participation of those who believe in friendship between all athletes, both professional and amateur.

This parade was first held in 1919 and has been led by Stalin since 1931, a tradition interrupted by the Great Patriotic War (1941), as the Soviet episode of World War II is known in this country.

The last of these parades took place in August 1945 to celebrate the victory of Nazi Germany, and has been celebrated at the Dynamo Moscow Stadium ever since.

The authorities have not yet decided whether they will allow their athletes to participate as neutral athletes in the Paris Olympics. The government has designed all kinds of competitions for its athletes.

Putin ordered the World Friendly Games to be organized from September 15 to 29 next year as an alternative to the Olympic Games.

The purpose of the games is to ensure the safe “free participation of Russian athletes” in competitions and the development of “new forms of international sports cooperation,” the decree said.

Russia I will be organizing BRICS Games next year from June 12 to 23 – a month before the Olympic Games – in the Tatar capital Kazan, where the Future Games will take place in March.

These games combine the latest developments in artificial intelligence, IT technology, robotics, virtual reality and cyber sports with physical activity.

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Source: La Neta Neta