Wants to cancel season after incident with cult hero Van der Poel: “The progression should have been harder”

A special moment happened just half an hour after the start of the Cyclocross World Cup race in Gavere, Belgium. Felipe Nystrom, a 40-year-old Costa Rican and, above all, a cult hero in the peloton, stopped during the race to take a few selfies with fans.

But just as Nystrom was about to move on, he received strong support from race leader Mathieu van der Poel. After Van der Poel won the race with great success, Nystom gave up.

“I feel so bad,” he told Sporza. “What happened there was a thousand percent my fault. Mathieu had to push me. It should have been even harder. “I got in the way and I’m so sorry.”

Both Nystrom’s actions and Van der Poel’s response were criticized on social media. Nystrom is even quite worried about the possible consequences for Van der Poel. “I worry that Mathieu may receive hate mail,” he said.

“Some people tell me I’m stupid, but others say Van der Poel has bad intentions and shouldn’t have pushed me. It’s terrible that a situation I put him in has a negative impact on him. I wish I could see Mathieu in his eyes and tell him how sorry I am.

Van der Poel: “Don’t give up on your dream”

Van der Poel said he had no ill will towards Nystrom. “I read that you apologized, but there is no need for that,” the Dutch player told Sporza.

“I wasn’t angry with him either. “Felipe made the wrong decision and this could happen.”

Nystrom announced he would be ending his season. “I really don’t deserve to be here” sounds dark.

The Costa Rican is financing his career thanks to sponsors and crowdfunding but will end his season in Hulst next Saturday.

“I had a dream and I achieved it, but the mistake I made on Tuesday is too big for me to continue. Normally I would have the opportunity to continue until the World Cup (Sunday, February 4, editor’s note), but I am leaving now, I will only go next week.

Source: NOS