Santiago Jimenez dreams of tenth place for Cruz Azul in 2024 | video

Santiago Jimenez showed his love for the t-shirt Blue Cross Having spent time at the club from an early age, the Feyenoord striker dressed as a cement worker and assured that he was expecting his tenth birthday in 2024.

Chaquito said live on social media:

Let’s move on to number ten, Machine.

“Bebote” started his “concert” without Cruz Azul’s flowers, but after some messages he put on a cap to show his love for the club.

Finally, he joked that he was in talks to bring Alexis Vega to Makina.

Along with Jimenez, his father “Chaco” Jimenez, his sisters, his mother and his girlfriend were seen on the broadcast.

The Mexican striker will be looking for his double in the Eredivisie in 2024 after an impressive first half, where he is among the top scorers in the Dutch league.

Source: Aristegui Noticias