Snellink and N’tab hope to salvage season at National Distance Championships: “Make it or break it”

If they are left out in the coming days, there will be very little left for their season. For skaters Dai Dai N’tab and Beau Snellink, it’s all about the Daikin NK distances from Thursday.

“Here you can decide the success or failure of the season,” says Snellink, who finished no higher than ninth in the five-kilometer World Cup qualifying tournament earlier this season. Even over 500 metres, N’tab remained far from places that would take him to World Cup distances in the coming days.

Recovering from back injury

N’tab, a four-time Dutch champion, conceded more than seven-tenths to winner Merijn Scheperkamp in October and missed out on a string of world titles but remains hopeful. “I feel good, fit and rested.”

He said the day before the national championship that N’tab was still suffering from a back injury at the beginning of the season. “I couldn’t run freely in the qualifying tournament. “I realized I wasn’t happy, I didn’t feel good.”

N’tab: “The last few weeks have all been about being able to train without pain. I think we did it. I felt good last week. “I’m happy to be on the track with a smile.”

bowed head

After a disappointing five kilometers, Snellink managed to qualify for the ten kilometer race. But the only World Cup that has traveled the longest distance has been dramatic. Snellink crashed in Stavanger, Norway. He finished last and left the midfield with his head bowed, hidden in his hood.

“This race was really disappointing. If you bump into yourself on a ten kilometer run, you’ll bump into yourself immediately, I can’t put my finger on it. Even if I was bad, I wouldn’t have to drive anything.” like. “I hope I won’t experience the same situation again soon.”

“Unfortunately it happened, I need to get this over with as quickly as possible and move on with the rest of the season. Self-confidence increases. “I’ve been driving well again in Heerenveen for the last few weeks, so I can’t complain about that.”

Check out the NK schedule below:

In addition to the Dutch champion, the top three finishers in the national championships will also be able to compete at World Cup distances exceeding five kilometers (and 500 metres). “I’m taking more care of myself right now,” says Snellink, who has faced everything at stake.

“I’ll drive as fast as I can to get a ticket. I cannot be considerate of others. “I just want to show my best.”

no energy

N’tab doesn’t care about his opponents either. “I’m really trying to focus on myself. I don’t get any energy just looking around.

A week ago young Jenning de Boo set the season’s best time for a Dutchman in a training race: 34.55. N’tab submits for almost half a second. “I’m not the most popular, I get ahead from the start.”

“I think it helps that I have competed in many national championships. I have to focus on having a good race and see what it’s worth in the end. That’s all I can say.”

Source: NOS