Ten years without knowing the health status of Michael Schumacher | video

This Friday they were fulfilled 10 years since the skiing accident seven-time Formula 1 world champion, Mikhail Schumacher what separated him forever from public life and whose the true state of health has not been revealed to this day.

“The media realized that even An outstanding athlete has the right to protect his privacy. and that specific coverage of information about the state of his health is unacceptable,” he explained in October last year in an interview with the publication Legal Tribune Online, Felix Damm, Schumacher family lawyer with 15 years of experience.

He added that the media also realized that they were equally these reports are unacceptable it says something about youmedical treatments or discuss specific therapeutic measures.

“They realized that the courts, including the Supreme Court, also think so. The fact that in this case it is Mikhail Schumacher In this regard, it does not change anything. They understood this,” he emphasized.

Only those closest to him know the true state of Schumacher’s health and his family and friends have I undertake to remain silent on this matter and they strictly observe this agreement.

“I’ve missed my Michael ever since. “Life isn’t fair sometimes,” his brother said. Ralph, also a former Formula 1 driver, speaking on Wednesday with Build.

He noted that “Michael was often lucky in life, but then this tragic incident happened,” and although fortunately, “Thanks to the capabilities of modern medicine, a lot can be done”He added: “It’s not the same as before.”

“I can say about myself that “His accident was also a very bad and transcendental experience for me.” and changed the fate of the family, he emphasized, without going into details.

In recent statements addressed to French sports L’Equipe, Jens Todt, The then racing director of Ferrari, who managed to attract Schumacher to the team in 1996, stated: “Michael is here, so I don’t miss him.”

However, he noted that “He’s no longer the Michael he used to be.” and without revealing anything about the state of his health, he clarified that “He’s different and he’s wonderfully protected by his wife and kids.”

The family’s lawyer emphasized that in everything that concerns the former pilot “It was always about protecting the private” and that in this sense also There has been a lot of discussion about how to achieve this goal.

It was even considered “Could a definitive statement about Michael’s health be the right way to do this?” but after that the story itself It wouldn’t be finished and constant updates would have to be provided, he explained.

Even given the general respect for the privacy of the former pilot and his family and the silence surrounding his situation, it may be that some media outlets allow coverage that ends in legal actionas happened with the alleged interview in this year’s pink edition”“to die is relevant” To Schumacher With responses generated by an artificial intelligence system.

The case ended with sudden dismissal Anne Hoffmandirector of the magazine, on behalf of the media group Funke to which this publication belongs.

“This article is in poor taste and has caused confusion and should never have been published. This in no way meets the standards of journalism we and our readers expect. from a publisher like Funke“said the band’s magazine manager, Bianca Pohlmann, in a statement of apology.

Last January 3 Schumacher turns 54 And your daughter Gina MariaThe 26-year-old jockey, and his son Mick, 24, also a Formula racer, We congratulated him via social networks.

Gina Maria published a photo in which she and Schumacher before a karting race look mischievously at their father, accompanied by a message: “Happy birthday, dad! Remembering our karting days.”

Mike He even posted two photos, one of which was taken during his father’s Group C race before moving to Formula 1, with the message: “Happy birthday to the best dad in the world.”

since autumnin which hit my head on a rock having broken his helmet, he never appeared in public again, and his current state of health is unknown.

Shumi He is a legend of world motorsport, winner of seven Formula 1 titles, two of which with the team. Benetton in 1994 and 1995and five s Ferrari from 2000 to 2004.

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