NBA: The Detroit Pistons lost 27 games in a row in the worst streak in their history

The Detroit Pistons made NBA history for the saddest of reasons on Tuesday night, extending their streak to 27 straight losses, the worst mark in history, after a 112-118 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Even a little Christmas magic couldn’t save the team from being a motorcycle town in basketball ruins. Absolutely demoralized and their names enshrined in the annals of the competition. One of the worst teams to ever play this game, the Pistons surpassed the Philadelphia 76ers in 2013-14 and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010-11 as the team with the worst streak in basketball. Before Tuesday night, the three had suffered 26 straight losses in the same season.

However, the Pistons still have a clear relegation path ahead of them as they can do so with two more defeats. The beginning of the other. They lost 28 games.

The players led by Monty Williams, who again heard criticism and boos from their fans at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit this Tuesday, will have a seemingly impossible mission when they face the powerful on Thursday. Celts, Eastern Conference Leaders with a 23-6 record and a top contender for the championship title this season.

They will later host the Toronto Raptors at home, against which it is possible to surpass the Sixers’ mark between two seasons.

In any case, there seems to be no consolation for this team that such an iconic championship franchise with three championship rings, two of the most ferocious and terrifying ‘Bad Boys’ of Isaías Thomas (1989-1990) and the one of 2004 led by Billups Chauncey that some managed to surpass the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s what they had in their ranks at the time: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Gary Payton and Karl Malone, all legendary NBA players.

Detroit is in last place in the East and has the worst record in the entire league (a shocking 2:28). Detroit is now a buried team with no hope and hasn’t won a game since beating the Chicago Bulls on October 28.

In addition to that victory and another on October 27 against the Charlotte Hornets (99-111), the Motown team has lost 27 of 29 games this season and has not won. There was not a single victory in the entire month of November and not even in December.

Furthermore, the conversation around the Pistons is already focusing on the teams with the worst record and winning percentage at the end of a regular season in NBA history.

The Detroit Pistons are not a serious basketball team. I just saw them bounce a ball over Isaiah Stewart’s head on one side and immediately give up a 3 on the other side????

– Hate Report (@HaterReport_) December 27, 2023

At 2:28, Detroit has a winning percentage of .066, while the worst teams in league history at the end of the regular season were the 2011–12 Charlotte Bobcats (7:59 and .106 in a season shortened due to an exclusion). ) and the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers (9-73 and .110).

To make matters worse, wing brand Wing Parade, the team’s sponsor, announced an early season promotion in Detroit: for every team win, they would give fans five free wings with every purchase. Only after almost 30 games was it applied twice.

Despite the terrible phase, not everything has been black for the Pistons since then. Cade Cunningham He had another great game against the Nets and continues to show that he is one of the most promising players in the championship. Now we just have to wait until the team gets better first-round pick results in the 2021 draft and a star at just 22 years old could request a catastrophic move away from Autostadt.

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Source: La Neta Neta