The ‘Metro’ already has a mural with historical moments

Berdugo told in a short conversation how the idea of ​​the mural was born and how important its construction is to nourish the history of the maximum scene of the Barranquilla people.

“I remember Mayor Jaime Pumarejo telling us that we had to do something in the mixed zone to leave a mark. The years of administration passed and we did nothing. And one day he said to me, “Hey, when are you going to do that? December 31? (Laughs). And look, we finally dedicated it today, December 28th. Many people contributed ideas for its construction and the clear goal was to honor everything important that has happened here in these 37 years of history. We want this to become the foundation stone of the museum of ‘meter’“A space that the largest stadiums in the world have,” said the secretary.

The official confirms that it was not easy to choose the historical moments from the mural, but he makes it clear that several have been left out. In dialogue with THE HERALD He tells us which of the three hurt him the most.

“It was very difficult. There were three that stick in my mind (laughs) that I hope will be included in any expansion that is made. Which one is it? The time when Edgar Perea arrived by helicopter in the ‘Metro’, the target of the ‘Palomo’ Usurriaga to fight for that qualification for the 1990 World Cup and the great goal of the “Baby” Mackenzie to the America for the ’93 title. The title was highlighted, but not that purpose as such,” he stated.

Source: El heraldo