Algerian footballer convicted of distributing anti-Semitic video

Youssef AtalAlgerian footballer Good V French Ligue 1was sentenced this Wednesday to eight months in prison without compliance and a 45 thousand euro fine for sharing the video in the midst of a conflict between Israel and Hamas in which a Palestinian preacher called for a “black day for the Jews.”

Except, player, 27 years old, who is focused with his team to compete in Africa Cup of Nations (Canada)you’ll have to publish the verdict in two newspapers.

This a sentence slightly less than that requested by the prosecutor’s officewho introduced dhailed as a provocation of racist hatred for religious reasons against a football player and He asked for a 10-month non-compliance prison sentence.

Five days after the attacks Hamas against Israel October 7shared by Atal on his account instagram, he is followed by 3.2 million subscribers, andVideo of a Palestinian preacher expressing his grief for the children killed in the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, he asked God “black day for Jews” and did call to “accompany the hand” of those who “throw a stone” in this Palestinian region.

Although the next day, warned by his club, He deleted the message and posted another one offering excuses.the court issued a guilty verdict.

During the trial, Atal apologized again and claimed that I didn’t see the whole video before posting it.

“I’m not an anti-Semite. “I don’t hate anyone.” – the defense lawyer said at the court hearing.

The Algerian footballer remains in addition to the discipline of Nice after those events, primarily on the initiative of the club itself. Later for suspended for seven matchesor sports bodies and now via CAN.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias