Teenager Luke Littler could make history at Alexander Palace tonight as he hopes to become the youngest ever world darts champion.

The 16-year-old from Runcorn claimed the PDC World Darts Championship, challenging and knocking out the likes of Brendan Dolan, Rob Cross and childhood hero Raymond van Barneveld en route to Wednesday night’s final. Standing between him and one of the greatest sporting achievements to date is world number one, Luke Humphries.

Nicknamed ‘The Nuke’, Littler was relatively unknown just a few weeks ago, but his profile has risen exponentially thanks to his prolific participation in the tournament, with famous faces from across the sporting world sending him good luck messages and posing for he. photos with him.

With decades ahead of him, he is expected to enjoy a phenomenal career, but not before taking home a huge sum of money for his recent achievements. Here’s a quick summary of how much Littler has won so far and what he could win tonight.

How much prize money will Luke Littler win if he wins?

The teenager will pocket £500,000 if he does everything he can to beat Luke Humphries and lift the Syd Weddell Trophy.

However, even if he falls at the final hurdle and loses to Humphreys, Littler will not go home empty-handed, taking home £200,000 as runner-up. It’s no surprise that regardless of how the outcome shakes out, it will be the biggest payday of his young career.

His previous top prize came from two payouts of around £27,500 during the Modus Super Series at Portsmouth last year.

However, he won’t spend the money on anything extreme; Instead, he told talkSPORT that he plans to take his friends on a trip to Blackpool or Alton Towers after the tournament.

“All my friends are watching at home,” he said. “We’ve always said we have to go to Blackpool or Alton Towers, so I think they’ll look at me like ‘you’re paying Luke’ and I’ll be like ‘yeah, that’s great!’”

He could also spend the money on driving lessons before he turns 17 at the end of this month, as he revealed he would “like to start driving” so his father wouldn’t take him to tournaments.

Luke Littler’s path to the final

  • First round – Christian Kist (3-0)
  • Second round – Andrés Dourado (3-1)
  • The third round – Matt Campbell (4-1)
  • Last 16 – Raymond van Barneveld (4-1)
  • Quarterfinals – Brendan Dolan (5-1)
  • Semifinal – Rob Cruz (6-2)

PDC World Darts Championship Prize Fund

The total prize money for the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship is £2.5 million. It is divided as follows:

  • Winner: £500,000
  • Second place: £200,000
  • Semifinal: £100,000
  • Quarterfinals: £50,000
  • Last 16: £35,000
  • Third round: £25,000
  • Second round: £15,000
  • First round: £7,500