Luke Littler has made an explosive entry into professional darts, becoming a fan favorite and giving gifts to some of the world’s best players.

At just 16 years old, he achieved national fame and earned a lot of money thanks to his incredible power of vision.

The Warrington youngster reached the semi-finals of the World Darts Championship and will face eighth seed Rob Cross for a place in the final.

Players competing for the Sid Waddell Trophy will want a share of the £2.5 million prize pool available.

If “The Nuke” wins the tournament, he will become the first newcomer to do so since Cross himself accomplished the feat in 2018.

How much money did Luke Littler make?

Luke Littler will receive a minimum of £100,000 from this tournament even if he loses to Cross. For a guy who has only won £2,500 in prize money in ranking tournaments before and is ranked 164th in the world, that will be a huge amount of money.

With £35,000 guaranteed to reach the quarter-finals, Littler explained he would have to pick up his friends.

“All my friends are watching at home, we always said we have to go to Blackpool or Alton Towers, so I think they’ll look at me like ‘you’re paying Luke’ and I’ll say, yes. “, Well.” he told talkSPORT.

The distribution of prize money is as follows:

  • Winner: £500,000
  • Second place: £200,000
  • Semi-final: £100,000
  • Quarter finals: £50,000
  • Fourth round: £35,000
  • Third round: £25,000
  • Second round: £15,000
  • First round: £7,500

Littler’s net worth has soared in recent weeks and he will go into another stratosphere if he hits the £500,000 jackpot. A series of commercial sponsorships that will accompany his achievements will also significantly increase his income.