Alves’ victim will report anyone who reveals his identity

Advocate for a victim of alleged sexual assault Daniel Alves announced today that he will condemn all those people who distribute his images or information that allows him to be identified, after the Brazilian’s mother revealed her identity on social networks.

Lucia AlvesThe mother of the former FC Barcelona footballer, who has been in prison since January 20, 2023 for the crime of sexual assault, shared on her Instagram account a video showing images of the victim, in which she reveals her identity and offers these personal accusations accusing her in the desire for fame and money.

In a statement, lawyer Esther Garcia, who is pursuing a private prosecution on behalf of the victim, condemned that the dissemination of images or any information identifying a sexual assault victim “constitutes an egregious crime.”

It is regrettable that attempts to destroy people who dared to report this continue to this day.

In this situation, the private prosecution lawyer warns that she will take legal action “against all those people or media that disseminate images” of the victim or provide any information, direct or indirect, that allows her to be identified.

“He who believes in God no longer loses the battle,” read the post by Dani Alves’ mother, along with a video recorded by a Brazilian lawyer of the victim dancing and celebrating his birthday.

Barcelona prosecutors are seeking a nine-year prison sentence for the former Brazil international, as well as ten years of supervised release and 150,000 euros in compensation for the victim, while the private prosecution increases the prison term to twelve years, the maximum prescribed penalty. in the Spanish Penal Code for this type of crime.

The trial of Dani Alves will begin on February 5 in a Barcelona court.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias