Who was Franz Anton Beckenbauer (1945-2024)? | video

Who was Franz Anton Beckenbauer (1945-2024)?  |  video

Name Franz Beckenbauer (1945–2024), who died this Sunday at the age of 78, is inextricably linked with the success and history of the club. Bavaria And Germany team it marked him as a player, as a coach, and as a manager and official.

Beckenbauer grew up in the Munich area Ghising and started playing with the children SC 1906 Munich. While the first team from the Bavarian capital This was not Bavaria, Munich, but Munich in 1860. which he was about to sign for at age 13.

However, the episode that became famous brought him to Bayern. Gerhard Koenig, player of the lower ranks 1860, lor he got hit in a game and Beckenbauer decided he would never play on that team.

With coming Beckenbauer moves to Bayern his growth as a player and club growth to the highest peaks in Europe They intertwine as if they were one story.

In 1965 Bayern Munich promotedWith Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier and Gerd Müller to the first division of the Bundesliga.

In 1966 Beckenbauer won the German Cup with Bayern and went Second place in the world with his team. At that time it was already an idol without the biggest successes in his career.

Meanwhile, Bavariawhich to date had only one title – German champion in 1932, it got big. In 1967 the Bavarians won European Cup Winners’ Cupwhich became his first European title. And in 1969, Beckenbauer won his first Bundesliga with the Bavarian club.

Between 1972 and 1974, Bayern became the first team to win the tournament. Bundesliga three seasons in a row and between 1974 and 1976 he will win old European Cup three times in a row.

In 1972 Germany won the European Nations Cup, With Beckenbauer as Captain who would win too Golden Ball, something he would repeat four years later. In 1974 in Munich, Beckenbauer’s German team became the world champion. winning with a score of 2-1 Holland by Johan Cruyff, which was a favorite.

Money making machine

In Beckenbauer’s biography there is a key character named Robert Schwann. Schwann was Head coach of Bayern Munich when Beckenbauer signed a contract with the club and soon discovered that could turn the club’s newest figure into a money-making machine.

Germany was the last country in Western Europe to adopt total professionalization of football. Uwe Seeler, predecessor Beckenbauer As captain of the German national team, he had to ask for leave in adidas play 1970 World Championships in Mexico.

Beckenbauer supported by Schwann He bet everything on football and soon became money making machine.

In 1976 Beckenbauer was immersed in media scandal center after review it turned out that hwas hidden from the treasury income costs 1.8 million marks (about 900 thousand euros today).

March on New York Space in 1977. could have something to do with tax evasion scandal and partly with Beckenbauer’s separation from his first wife. Schwann was involved in the transfer and eventually left Bayern due to a conflict of interest.

From player to national team coach

Between 1977 and 1980 Beckenbauer won three American League titles with the New York Cosmos. Since those years, his portrait, made by Andy Warhole, which confirms this as popular culture icon. And their income from image rights and advertising appearances continued to grow.

In 1980, having seen him in a friendly match, Gunter Netzer, who was the sports director Hamburg, convinces him return to Germany and sign a contract with the Hanseatic team. In 1982, Beckenbauer won his last Bundesliga.this time with him Hamburg.

V Euro 1984which took place in France, Germany team, after defeat from Spainwas eliminated for the first time in its history at the qualifying stage, marking the end of the manager’s era. Jupp Derwall

“Only Franz can fix this.”headlined the newspaper Image on the front page, kicking off a media campaign.

His coaching career ended with a world title in Italy in 1990. After the final, while the players celebrated in front of the stands, Beckenbauer began to walk alone around the field with a medal around his neck.

Sepp Mayergoalkeeper since 1974 and goalkeeping coach since 1990, says that after winning the world title as a coach, everyone had the feeling that, if necessary, “Franz could walk on water”.

Official and fall

After the 1990 World Cup, Beckenbauer had some experience on the bench. First in Olympic Marseille and then twice in Bavaria when he took up temporary post in 1993 to release Erich Riebeckand in 1996 – as a replacement for the fired Otto Rehhagel.

In 1991 he became German champion and declared that He didn’t need to win anything anymore. In 1996 he won UEFA Cup although, having led the team only in the final, which he reached with Rehagelstated that he had nothing to do “with it” when the players asked him to take the trophy.

However, at that time Beckenbauer had already become first of all vice-president and then president of Bayern. without ceasing to perceive income from image rights and several advertising contracts.

His next big project was to take World Championships in Germany in 2006. and stood in front candidate who ultimately wonwhich helped expand his image as a man blessed with success.

Then they started suspicions that the World Cup was achieved not only thanks to Beckenbauer’s charisma. Were discovered flows of money that ended up in the accounts of Mohamed bin Haman and other officials.

Moreover, the idea that Beckenbauer worked for free, so the German’s candidacy was questioned. During those years he received money which, although he insists it was advertising fees, was related to the World Cup.

Then came the death of his son Stephenvarious illnesses that prevented him from testifying in proceedings against him in Switzerland and that it was eventually closed due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

In recent years “Kaiser” appeared little in public life, especially compared to the years when it was all over the media.

(according to information from EFE)

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