They robbed the Santa Fe headquarters while the players were serving the fans

Ahead of the two leagues and the 2024 cup, Independiente Santa Fe will conduct its preseason at Tenjo’s headquarters, located on the outskirts of Bogotá. Those led by Pablo Peirano, after training last Friday, January 5, took care of the fans who came to the facilities and shared a pleasant moment.

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Although, despite the good rapprochement between the team and the fans, some infiltrators managed to get in and took advantage of the distraction to steal training clothes.

For this reason, the ‘Cardenal’ team released a statement on its official X account assuring that fans will no longer enter the Tenjo headquarters until the stolen clothing is returned.

“Family! We have something very serious to tell you and that makes us very sad. Last Friday, January 5, some characters stole from our headquarters in Tenjo, while our players very kindly helped the fans with photos and autographs, 2 sweatshirts and a training shirt. We reject this fact and invite the people who committed the theft to return the clothes. Therefore, fans are no longer allowed to enter until they have made the relevant refund,” read the text they shared.

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As for football, remember that Independiente Santa Fe did not have a good 2023, as it failed to qualify for the semi-final home runs in either of the two competition semesters and was eliminated in the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana.

Source: El heraldo