Rayados fans moved after the match with Santos Laguna; They report a dead person

A pickup truck drove into a group of Rayados fans from Monterrey. at Gate 7 of the TSM Stadium in Torreon, Coahuila, after the match in which the Royal team defeated Santos Laguna.

Several videos of the event, which have not yet been reported, have circulated on social media. one woman was killed and at least eight people were injured.

Newspaper versions report that the wounded were taken to Hospital Manto de la Virgen in Torreon, for your health care.

In accordance with Age of Torreon, The area was cordoned off by police and employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office He arrived at the stadium to carry out his first assignments.

Two women, driver and passenger of a pickup truck with Texas license plates, were arrested in relation to the facts.

According to this report, the first versions suggest that the truck was traveling along the old Torreon-San Pedro highway, in the opposite direction and that He collided with a taxi parked at one of the stadium gates.

The truck drove onto the sidewalk and ran into those who were in that place.

News in development. More information coming soon…

Source: Aristegui Noticias