“I do not set a retirement date”: Carlos Bacca

He Buenos Aires striker37 years old, not only referred to the great moment he is experiencing, but also revealed one of his great wishes as a professional, that the Colombian football grow beyond the fields and appreciate one by one the leaders of our football who continue to contribute all their talent to the League today.

“I hope that Colombian football also grows outside, and not just on the field. And recognize everyone, not just the idols of your team. When Macalister go to Barranquilla everyone cheers him on. When many colleagues go to other stadiums, they applaud that too. Because that will be the growth of Colombian football. Because we have said as the best referee, which is a source of pride, it is not easy to be recognized. So we have to take care of ourselves as Colombians because we only recognize the negative things and in this Colombia There are more positive things than negative things. And we Colombians and the people of each team, yes, let them be fans of each team, but let them appreciate the work of each of these people who get up day in and day out to give the best of themselves at work. Some days it will go well, other days it will go better, and other days it won’t go as well as we all want, but that’s part of football. In football you lose more than you win. So I invite them to hopefully recognize everyone’s work in all the stadiums and show that respect outside, and be an example,” he concluded.

Source: El heraldo