What were the diplomatic efforts to recapture the Pan American Games?

On January 9, the President Gustavo Petro announced “lobbying” the Colombian ambassadors to regain the headquarters of the Colombian embassys Pan American Games.

The president had told all the foreign ministers that They are instructed to establish the respective contacts, “including the Colombian ambassador in the United States and the same in all countries of the Americas” and ensure that Barranquilla once again has the headquarters of these sporting events.

However, this apparently did not go down well Panama Sports. Ciro Solano, president of Colombian Olympic Committee (COC), He spoke to EL HERALDO about this action by the central government and what the position of the organization of the Games was.

Although, according to Solano, the government did this with goodwill and as a gesture to regain the headquarters, the truth is that Panam did not support the president’s call at the time.

“The truth is that the government did it with good will and good faith. Even I saw it well, because they really didn’t pressure anyone. What they did was explain that the Colombian government also wanted the games. I present the respective apologies for all the problems caused by diplomatic offensives. Panam Sports didn’t like it and I spoke to the chancellor and the vice-chancellor and they stopped all that action,” Ciro Solano told this medium.

And he added that “the truth is that they did it, but we had to stop it (the lobby).” He emphasized that there was no interference on the part of the government, apart from that call as an option, so that the country would not lose its headquarters.

Solano clarified that he is currently the only interlocutor with the president of Panam Sports, Neven Iván Ilic, although President Petro assured that he will meet with the leader when he travels to Chile.

“I will meet him in person Chairman Boric and with the chairman of Panama Sports where the head office is located Chili“We will first try to make a call to clear up misunderstandings and demonstrate that Colombia is safe to host the Games,” the head of state said.

Source: El heraldo