41 federations ask Petro not to change the Minister of Sports

The National Sports Federations of Colombia, representatives of the Olympic, non-Olympic and Paralympic systems, have sent a letter to the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, expressing their “concern” about a possible change in the leadership of the Ministry of Sport. led by Astrid Rodriguez.

Given the rumors of Rodríguez’s possible departure due to the loss of the headquarters of the Barranquilla Pan American Games 2027, the presidents of the federations decided to meet last Friday at the Mindeporte High Performance Center and agreed to ask the president for continuity to ask afterwards.

In the letter they highlight the important achievements achieved in 2023, thanking the support of the current government and Minister Astrid Rodríguez. They argue that a change in ministerial leadership would cause disruptions to sporting activities, especially in view of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

“Do you know, Mr. President, that seven months after your mandate, the first ministerial crisis involving our Ministry of Sports (with María Isabel Urrutia) took place, which caused a trauma in the development of our activities, especially when it was still in the beginning was from anus. Now that we have harmonized all sporting activities for the benefit of our athletes and we have permanent support from the Ministry for the major obligations ahead, it is not convenient for the sport, federations and athletes to make administrative changes that traumatize and delay again the path we have taken,” the letter said.

They highlight the improvement in technical, administrative and financial coordination between the Ministry, the federations and the Colombian Olympic Committee, and highlight the successes in international competitions. In addition, they point out the importance of continuity in the preparation of events such as the 2024 National Youth Games.

In a call for unity and fair play, the federations express their support for the current Minister of Sports and her team, asking President Petro for continuity of management to avoid setbacks in the progress made.

“President, sports are on the right track, we are building the country hand in hand with the Ministry of Sports, therefore, for our country, because sports is the most important vehicle of peace, and that is why we express our support and ask “You you are the continuity of the current Minister of Sports Astrid Rodríguez and her advisory and management team.”

They conclude by offering support and necessary actions to restore the headquarters of the Pan American Games in Barranquilla and reiterate their support to the Ministry of Sports for the benefit of Colombian sport and its athletes.

The document has been signed by 41 federations of different sports.

Source: El heraldo