The alleged victim confirmed in court that Alves raped her and fears that she will not be believed.

Young woman who accuses Daniel Alves sexual violence, the court confirmed that the football player He raped her in the bathroom of the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. and her fear that she would not be believed if she reported it – a version supported by two of her friends.

The trial of a Brazilian player accused of raping a 23-year-old girl in a tiny bathroom stall at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​where he invited her to dance with two friends, began on Monday in Section 21 of the Barcelona court. .yours in December 2022, in this case The prosecutor’s office is asking for nine years in prison and twelve years on a private charge.carried out by the victim.

The footballer’s defense, which asks to acquit him because he denies rape, although he cites drunkenness and damages as mitigating circumstances, tried unsuccessfully to prevent the hearing from startingtelling the court that the defendant’s rights were violated due to the “parallel trial” he was subjected to, as well as the police investigating him “behind his back” for weeks.

Some charges that the court rejected after exclude any “anomaly” in the accused’s right to defensealthough he agreed to his lawyer Ines Guardiola’s request that the footballer testify at the end of the trial, once witnesses and experts have done so and he knows all the evidence against him.

Thus, the first person to testify at the trial, which will last until this Wednesday, is the victim. interrogation, which lasted just over an hour, the only one behind closed doors and between extreme measures to protect his identity and avoid a visual confrontation with Alves.

Dani Alves’ defense team during his trial. Photo: EFE

In his statement, as explained by legal sources, he presented to the Barcelona court the version that he maintained throughout the investigation of the case: that Alves raped her sexually, with violence and contempt.after coaxing her into a narrow bathroom with him in a booth at a Sutton nightclub.

And he repeated once again, as he had already done in the briefing, his initial reluctance to file a complaint against a football player, I am convinced that no one will believe her.

The version of the victim, who sources said maintained her composure during the interrogation despite sometimes being unable to hold back her sobs, was refuted. this is confirmed by two young women who accompanied her to Sutton. on the night of December 30, 2022, who also testified through tears.

Witnesses, a friend and cousin of the victim, detailed that after Alves’ presentations He touched them with a “slobbery” attitude until he made them feel “uncomfortable.” although they did not expect it to lead to rape.

According to both witnesses, the three girls agreed to enter the booth where Alves was with a friend. after he invited them twice, through the waiter to have a drink with them in that VIP area of ​​the Sutton nightclub where there is a small private bathroom.

Photo: EFE Archive

Both indicated that they saw the footballer enter through the door leading to the bathroom (they did not know that it was a bathroom), that his friend did so a few moments later, and that Alves came out a quarter of an hour later, and two minutes later. victim with a “bad face” and urging his comrades to go home.

According to her friends, the young woman cried “inconsolably” and He said that the football player caused him “a lot of harm”but at first he was reluctant to report it, repeating: “I just want to go home, they won’t believe me.”

A few days after the events they added: The girl was left in “shock”, still not wanting to report what had happened. and currently she continues to suffer from anxiety, barely leaves the house, feels watched, and has lost the “joy” that characterized her as she becomes obsessed with “everything.”

Alves’ lawyer referred her for questioning. discredit the testimony of two friends, to whom he asked whether the accused and the young woman danced “closely together” before entering the bathroom, whether they smiled at each other and whether their attitude was flirtatious, questions he asked without any restrictions from the court and that the witnesses They answered evasively.

After his testimony said the waiter who served Alves and the three young women in the booth. where they were, who repeated before the court that the footballer’s friend, with a simple “gesture”, asked him to invite them to have a little drink, an offer which they initially rejected but later accepted.

Photo: Reuters Archive

Both this and another of the waiters who served Alves, a regular visitor to Sutton’s stalls, They denied that the football player behaved as if he was intoxicated. a circumstance that his defense uses to capitalize on a mitigating circumstance that would allow him to reduce his potential sentence.

For his part, the nightclub doorman testified that The victim told him that he had a problem “with someone important.” and explained that Alves, upon leaving the premises, walked very close to the victim and her two friends, looking straight ahead and not greeting them.

The trial of the former Barcelona player will continue on Tuesday afternoon with testimony from around twenty witnesses. among them is the wife of a football player, model Joana Sanznightclub employees and Catalan police officers investigating the case.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias