Victor Manuel Vucetic returns to the Rayados | Video – Network Network –

Victor Manuel Vucetic returns to the Rayados |  Video – Network Network –

“King Midas” returns to El Barial…

striped Monterey Announced a comeback this Wednesday Victor Manuel VuceticAfter your unhappy past Guadalajarathat’s abandoned Javier ActSacked after the debacle with Atlético San Luis on the 5th date of the Clausura MX League 2022 tournament.

† Welcome home, Victor Manuel Vucetic!#Aribalmont I will#EnLaVidayEnLaCourt

—Rayados (@Rayados) March 2, 2022

Vucetic Returns to the Albany Club presidency, after a Successful first phase from 2009 to 2013, The period in which he won two MX titles, Opening 2009 and Opening 2010, such as Three Concacaf Champions League titles in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

🎶 Oh, oh, oh, oh, Vutse, Vuche!

—Rayados (@Rayados) March 2, 2022

Since Monterey was released in the 2013 Aperture, Tamaulipa strategist, turns 66 todaydirected Queretaro white roosters In between Closing 2015 and closing 2020.

† Victor Manuel Vucetic returned to Riyadh. The most successful TD in the club’s history is back. For Monterrey in his first round, he won 2 Liga MX titles and 3 Concachampion, played in the golden age of the institution. AT HOME.

– Undefeated (@InvictosSomos) March 2, 2022

that was opening 2020, When the laurel planting challenge was accepted guadalajara, The club he reached Semifinal of the same campaignOnce eliminated against Leon with a total score of 2-1.

Can’t try to transform it holy flock in the main team, Vucetic resigned from Apertura 2021 And after a few months of rest he goes back to the couch The team with which he won important titlesThe second stage in which he will find Save the Riyadh Campaign! After your frustration Fifth place in the FIFA Club World Cup under Javier Agiri.

Monterey is in 15th place Six points, the same Atlético San Luis and AmericaHowever, there are still two games left.

unification Vucetic The BBVA Stadium with fans will be held this Saturday against America, After the departure of the Argentinian, another team went into crisis and with a temporary coach Santiago Sun.

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