Internet users warned Taylor Swift about Travis Kelce after incident with coach

Singer Taylor Swift and punter Travis Kelce were the stars of Super Bowl LVIII.That’s why thousands of people had their eyes on them during the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on February 11th.

So much so that cameras captured the moment when An athlete from Kansas attacked his coach Andy Reidcausing social media users to warn Taylor Swift that this attitude is a red flag and that she should be careful about it.

In videos circulating on social media, Kelsey, annoyed, approaches Reed, grabs his arm and throws him to the point where the instructor is about to lose his balance, while yelling at him, causing other team members to pick him up try to calm him down.

CBS reported that Kelce, 34, was upset that he didn’t take the field in a game that was critical to scoring points for his team, so he yelled at Reed, 65: to keep him in the game.

Photo: EFE

After the quarrel and after Kansas became a two-time champion, American media reported that the coach of the winning team He kept the quarrel to a minimum.

“It threw me off balance because I didn’t see it (laughs). He told me to place the ball and it would score. I love him. It keeps me young,” Reed said at a news conference.

However, Internet users and Taylor Swift’s subscribers warned the singer that these Anger attacks are dangerous.

“Look, I loved the Travis and Taylor love story, but this push to Andy Reid and Travis screaming at the beginning of the game is a major red flag. I understand that the emotions from the game are off the charts, but it was early, it was unnecessary, and your coach. “This makes me sick,” wrote user X, who previously worked on Twitter.

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“And suddenly I was less excited about Travis Kelce. You can’t be aggressive with someone just because you’re upset. Taylor, my darling, my love, this is a great red flag,” another person said.

After the game, members of the Kansas City team held a celebration, which was attended by Taylor Swift, at which she and Kelsey were very sweet dancing to the music of a singer in the background.

Source: Aristegui Noticias