The Warriors tried to sign LeBron James before the market closed

This year’s trade deadline was met on February 8 at 3pm in New York and over the past 24 hours the Warriors asked the Lakers if they would be interested in negotiating a trade for LeBron, which would have led to the team’s leading scorer and the NBA to share a locker room with Stephen Currythe best triple jumper in history.

LeBron, then in the Cleveland Cavaliers and Curry starred in a storied NBA rivalry that featured four consecutive Finals appearances from 2015 to 2018, three of which ended with Golden State winning.

According to ESPN’s story, Golden State was planning to make an offer, but neither the Lakers nor LeBron showed interest in exploring that scenario.

The discussions involved the owners of both franchises. Joe Lacob (warriors) encouraged by his player Draymond Greencontact with Jeanie Buss (Lakers) to see if LeBron’s apparent frustration (including cryptic social media posts) could be interpreted as a first step toward a trade.

Buss responded that the Lakers were not interested, but referred him anyway Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent inside Kluts Sports.

Source: El heraldo