Explore the newly opened Paris 2024 Olympic Village: Photo Gallery

Keys Athletes’ Village Paris 2024 were officially handed over to the organizers Olympic Games during the visit and inauguration of the French President, Emmanuel Macronthis Thursday.

Village 52 hectareslocated north of Paris will receive approximately 14,500 athletes from around the world, as well as personnel from participating countries, ahead of the competition, which will welcome nine thousand people to the Olympic Games.

Photo: Reuters

After the Games, as usual, the village will be transformed, in this case into “ecological region” it will be good six thousand inhabitants and will have two schoolshotel, public park, shops and offices, and garden areas for pedestrians and non-motorized transport.

“After the Games it will become a real neighborhood for residents Saint Denis“Macron said.

In its turn, Nicolas FerrandCEO TULEKAthe company responsible for the Olympic infrastructure assured that “this is a masterpiece of what French construction industry“.

Photo: Reuters

Ferrando handed over the symbolic key to the villa to the President of Paris in 2024. Tony Estanguettewhich officially ends a seven-year journey since Paris won the right to host the Games.

“We, I, are proud of the work you have done, within budget and on time,” Macron told site workers. “Our athletes They will be able to enjoy the Games in the best conditions. and you have contributed to changing the lives of area residents. “They are part of the adventure that will mark our century.”

Macron called France a “nation of builders”, adding that “what was done on time and budget upon completion reconstruction of Notre Dame It’s just wonderful.”

Notre Dame plans to reopen its doors for public and religious services December 8th this yearafter extension after fire that devastated it in 2019.


Source: Aristegui Noticias