As a Brazilian player, the Colombian player did not allow herself to be humiliated on the field

Last Saturday, April 20, the Colombian women’s national team U-20 ended their time in the group round of the CONMEBOL Sudamericano Femenino, after a 2-1 win over Brazil.

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A heated play was performed within the union Sintia Cabezas was not humiliated Brazilian rival who wanted to show off their title as current champions.

In the middle of the situation Maria José Alvarez He also appeared to confront his partner. It was in the 65th minute that a confrontation took place between Cabezas and Fernandesas the Brazilian revealed that he is the current champion of the tournament and the champions patchin front of the eyes of the Colombians.

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heads The Brazilian laughed at her for her arrogance and responded to kiss He shield of the Colombian national team a fact that went viral on networks and fortunately did not happen to adults.

Source: El heraldo