‘Certainly’; They celebrated America’s VAR penalty decision.

The Liga Mx refereeing commission has published an audio recording of the video arbitration review of the penalty kick in the final between America and Cruz Azul.

The play was sealed in the 71st minute when Carlos Rotondi burst into the box trying to avoid Israel Reyes. The central referee did not hesitate and awarded a penalty, deeming that the defender blocked the path with his body.

The play was reviewed by Eric Yair, Miranda Galindo and Christian Kiabek Espinosa Zavala in the VAR booth.

In the released audio recordings, they agree that there are elements to reconsider the decision, as the player is believed to have America tightened its leg call a contact.

VAR called the central referee to review the game, who, after seeing several shots, decided to approve the penalty.

After announcing his decision, the sound of an “egg” is heard in the salon, the identity of which is not established. The commission did not provide subtitles for this dialogue, which was recorded at 5:35.

Source: Aristegui Noticias