“We are preparing to win the Copa America”: Camilo Vargas

Camilo Vargas earned the position of starting goalkeeper and will be the final touch on the tricolor porch to face the first major tournament in the United States.

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The Bogotá goalkeeper, 35 years old, has shown so far in the qualifying matches that he is ready to take over the baton left by David Ospina, starter of the last 14 years and who will be on the bench this time , will support his teammate and be ready in case a new opportunity comes your way.

“We are happy to have another call-up for these friendlies and I believe the players the coach has chosen have the ability to take on the starting role when coach (Néstor Lorenzo) needs it,” he said.

Vargas acknowledges that the competition in goal is tough, but instead of loading him with pressure, he remains calm because the one who wins is the national team.

“The three goalkeepers called up have sufficient capacity to take the starting position, everyone will gain the confidence of their teammates and that creates a lot of enthusiasm and is undoubtedly a motivation. “We want to grow game by game,” he said.

The Atlas de México goalkeeper makes it clear that Colombia will go to the United States for the Copa América title, the title it has not won since 2001, when it achieved its first and only conquest.

“I don’t know a person who doesn’t prepare to win. Along the way, situations arise that we have to solve, and even more so during these tournaments, which are so short and do not allow you to make mistakes.

Every worker prepares to win and we do that by thinking about winning the Copa América,” he declared.

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The key to achieving this, besides confidence, is the belief that you can compete and win, because that is the only way to face great teams like Argentina – world champions –, Brazil and Uruguay.

“It is important to believe in ourselves, it is a topic that is being worked on in this cycle, we are working with a psychologist and with that we can unite to achieve the final goal,” he concluded.

Source: El heraldo