Beijing 2022: International Paralympic Committee authorizes Russians and Belarusians to participate | Turi – Clear network –

Beijing 2022: International Paralympic Committee authorizes Russians and Belarusians to participate |  Turi – Clear network –

athletes Russia and Belarus can join Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics scheduled for February 4-20As confirmed on Wednesday International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

IPC statement on the participation of the RPC and NPC Belarus in the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics.

– Paralympic Games (@Paralympic Games) March 2, 2022

The agency says your entry is subject to additional competition terms.“Under the Paralympic Flag and the Paralympic Anthem” And don’t sit at the “medal table”. In addition, two delegations They must wear their symbols on the uniform at “all official ceremonies and sports competitions”.

On the other hand, the CPI emphasized that: “There will be no event in Russia or Belarus until further notice. “includes World and European Championships, Also all competition levels such as World Series, World Cups and Grand Prix”, He added and asked every national federation to follow this recommendation.

He also decided to reject the Russian president. Vladimir Putin, Paralympic Order and Paralympic Order Several Russian members. The decision will be taken at the next Extraordinary General Meeting Suspend or terminate membership of the Russian Paralympic Committee and the Belarusian Paralympic Committee.

“The ICC and the Paralympic movement in general are very good Concerned About Serious Violation Of Olympic Truce By the governments of Russia and Belarus in the days leading up to the Beijing Paralympic Games. The Board of Directors of the CPE is united by its Condemned these actions and agreed that they could not go unnoticed or neglected.“, – expressed Andre Parsons, chairman of the CPI.

The IPC joined the IOC and condemned Russia’s violation of the Olympic truce ahead of the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing.

– Paralympic Games (@Paralympic Games) February 24, 2022

He stressed that the key to their decision-making was “fundamental”, working within the “framework” of their regulations to remain politically neutral and within the guidelines of the CPI. “Such neutrality is firmly rooted in the true belief that Sport has the power to overcome our shortcomings and bring out the best in our humanity.“Especially in the darkest moments,” he said.

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Brazilian leader thinks they were inflicted “The most severe punishment” according to the regulations And that after Beijing 2022, they will investigate “any violation of the Olympic truce for the upcoming Paralympic Games could lead to a possible suspension or appointment of the National Paralympic Committee”.

“It is a deep disappointment that such action is necessary. However, the Board of Directors considers it necessary Governments are responsible for actions that directly affect the Paralympic movement, the Paralympic Games and Paralympic athletes. “This is especially true given the origins of the Paralympic movement, which arose as a result of the horrific events of World War II,” Parsons added.

Now the chairman of the CPI is waiting for the rest of the participants in the Beijing Games.“Treat neutral athletes like no other, no matter how difficult it is.”† “Unlike their respective governments, These athletes and managers are not aggressors, “They are here to participate in a sporting event like any other,” he recalls.

“The eyes of the world will be on the games for the next few days. It is vital that our sport shows world leaders that we can come together as people and that our true strength lies in promoting peace, understanding and inclusion. This is the foundation of what the Paralympic movement does and what it stands for. “We can’t lose him now, whatever the circumstances,” Parsons said.

(According to information from the European press)

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