Juventus remembers the 39 victims of the Heysel tragedy | video

Juventus Turin On this Wednesday he remembered 39 fans died in the tragedy at the Belgian stadium Hazel, just happened 39 yearsV 1985 European Cup final. between the Italian team and Liverpool.

He Turin Club he recalled in an official statement.

A wound that continues to ache, a tragedy, a dramatic memory for those who lost loved ones and for the entire Juventino world.

The time of memory, this time in its inexorable passage, is intertwined with a number that has always been associated with this day: 39 years have passed since that day in Brussels.

At the Belgian stadium Hazelshortly before European Cup Finalyou had a placeone of the biggest tragedies in football When The most radical Liverpool fans have made accusations against Juventino.

Forced to defend themselves from the wall where the stands ended and from the protective fences that separated them from the playing field, The Italians suffered under the pressure of thousands and died from suffocation or crushing.

Between 39 victims, 32 Juventus fans, among them 10 year old boy4 Belgians, 2 French and 1 Irish.

Thirty nine. The memories remain clear and painful: a European Cup final that continues to evoke horror, anger and pain, in which 39 people died in crazy pre-match incidents.

“Thirty nine. A number that has become a symbol, which speaks more than any words about the suffering that we all continue to carry inside. Therefore, we, together with the families, remember the innocent victims who have been with us since that damned day. Never forgetting the living drama of that day.”stated the Transalpine Club.

The match, played an hour and a half late, ended in victory. youth victory thanks to the Frenchman’s only goal from eleven meters Michelle Paltini.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias