Junior and the upcoming final

Junior and the upcoming final

We have seen it all in this football semi-final. Failed predictions, ‘favourites’ eliminated, big teams knocked out, small teams that did not measure up, controversies over referee-VAR decisions, accusations by players and coaches when they knew they were out of the competition, changes to fixtures without consultation and of course the resulting equipment complaint.

This weekend we meet the finalists. Junior of Pereira or Bucaramanga in group A and Santa Fe or Tolima in group B.

The focus of all the controversies was on millionaires. Statements from Gamero and his players. They wasted no time and against Pereira they had to resort to faking injuries and changing boots to make the time pass and the victory they had in their hands disappeared at the last moment.

The lessons in good behavior that goalkeeper Montero gave the Junior players in a previous match were lost as he exaggerated his chances of stopping the match with tricks to pass the time. Or Daniel Ruiz jumping in the grass as if he were on vacation on the beach.

Also Leonel Álvarez. When deciding the goal in favor of Junior in a 3×3 match, he created a scandal of accusations and even pointed out that one day a disaster would happen in a stadium because of the referees. When the referee and the VAR this time believed that a handball by Pereira was not a penalty, while it was clear to everyone that it was, he suffered from amnesia at the press conference. He didn’t even think about it.

Tolima’s protest to DIMAYOR president Jaramillo for changing the fixtures against Caldas, Alexis García’s accusation that Rojas and Ricardo are to blame for Equidad’s decline, which has not won a single point, and Caldas’ elimination due to Dayro Moreno’s goal drought.

And so. In the midst of this atmosphere, the finale is coming…

Source: El heraldo