Djokovic suffers, but wins at Wimbledon like England at the European Championship

Djokovic suffers, but wins at Wimbledon like England at the European Championship

Novak Djokoviclike the English team, started by losing the match against Alexey Popyrin and had to come back. The Serb, whose match was briefly stopped to celebrate England’s passage to the semi-finals of the European Championship, knocked out the Australian and will return to the round of 16 of the European Championship. Wimbledon for the eighth edition in a row (4-6, 6-3, 6-4 and 7-6 (3)).

The seven-time champion shows no physical complaints or issues on the knee, which is still protected by the knee padbut it does leave gaps in the match that Popyrin, who had already taken a set from him in Australia in January, took advantage of last Saturday to return to scratch a partial.

The Australian was the only one to convert opportunity from break throughout the set to take advantage of Djokovic, clearly frustrated after dropping another set against a inferior tennis player. This time the setback was more dangerous, because Popyrin is a more than decent server and a player who likes this because of his origins track class.

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He problembut by poPyrin is that it is one of the many promises that never delivered what they promised. Roland Garros junior champion in 2017Popyrin, at 24, has never been one of the 35 best in the world and when he had the chance to take down Djokovic – he had a breakball to take advantage of in the second set – he did what almost everyone does against the Serb, give up.

While England were level with Switzerland in Germany, Djokovic raised his level. When the English certified the pass semi-finals after penaltiesthe game in the center was stopped for a moment. There was an ovation through the stands with 4-1 for Djokovic and break ball. The Serb, who is not bothered by these setbacks, joked with his rival and imitated him with a fine.

These gestures are strange during a tournament so traditional like Wimbledon, where even the blinds in the press room, where there are televisions during the Eurocup matches they are lowered to prevent fans from sticking to the windows to watch the matches meetings.

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The image of Djokovic imitating the penalty is indicated some rest. It showed a confident man while his daughter read a book in the stands. There was to trust at daddy’s.

And daddy obeyed. Djokovic didn’t allow a single break ball after 1-1 in the second set and sealed the match in the second set. draw.

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With fits and startsDjokovic is already in the second week of the tournament.

In the round of 16 Djokovic will face an old acquaintance, Holger Runewho came back to the server after two sets Quentin Hays (1-6, 6-7 (4), 6-4, 7-6 (4) and 6-1). The Frenchman, despite connecting 29 aces, failed in the fourth tiebreak and fell to Rune, who will face each other for the sixth time in his career Djokovic, whom he has defeated twice, in Paris-Bercy 2022 and in Rome 2023.

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