“IOC and FIFA have become weapons of dictators”: Gary Kasparov | Video – Network Network –

“IOC and FIFA have become weapons of dictators”: Gary Kasparov |  Video – Network Network –

Azerbaijani chess player Gary Kasparov, Criticized World Champion in 1985-1993 International Olympic Committee (IOC)to your president Thomas Bach And other major sports organizations such as FIFAthey are guilty Become an “instrument of dictators” Just like the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, responsible for the order: Your country’s invasion of Ukraine.

I am not a fan of mr. Bach or other leaders, be it the IOC or FIFA, because they have a direct or indirect relationship with Putin in this world.

In an interview with the German public broadcaster ARD. Kasparov He said Sport helped Putin By putting Russia on its aggressive path 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, O 2018 World Cup and other World Cups.

Former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov has criticized Vladimir Putin for his war against Ukraine.

β€œThe fact that I am right (about Vladimir Putin) is no cause for joy. This is a tragedy for my country. β€œThousands of Russians are dying for this mad dictator.” pic.twitter.com/dPhkqqUL9t

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Furthermore, it ensured that Russian invasion of Ukraine raises questions How to deal with sports organizations? Who voluntarily or involuntarily, They became the “tools of dictators”.

Russian Gary Kasparov, former World Chess Champion:
“Putin has been in power for over 20 years, so I strongly advise you to stop using the word president, he is a dictator.” #Kasparov # Russia Ukraine # Russia-Ukraine War pic.twitter.com/9Cik31fici

β€” FabianC__ (@FabianC__) March 3, 2022

Kasparov, The activist, politician and writer said that: Autocratic leaders see major sporting events as an opportunity to clean up their image. After 1936 Berlin Olympics, During the Nazi Mandate Adolf Hitler In Germany.

Putin defended the textbook, but optimized it because he had more money than any other dictator in the past.

Nevertheless, KasparovRetired Chess Player by Category “The Great Master” Think how big A carefully built network of Putin agents now collapsed because He has ‘completely underestimated’ the Western world’s response to the invasion of Ukraine†

Great subject by Gary Kasparov.
translated into spanish pic.twitter.com/XZavEBPI87

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It’s very important that things like this never happen again. Because Putin showed us how we can strengthen his agenda with the help of these international events and sports organizations. There cannot be tragic events like Ukraine to wake up to.

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