“We have more than 30 people in charge”: Mauricio Kuri | Video – Network Network –

“We have more than 30 people in charge”: Mauricio Kuri |  Video – Network Network –

Maurice Curry, Governor QuetaroThey got the assurance on Monday that they have more 30 people are standing, After participating Violent events last Saturday at Corregidora Stadium during the game white and satin cocks, Relevant 9th date of Liga MX Closing Tournament 2022.

We already have those, we’ve posted more than 30 of them. We’re doing well with the investigation, I can’t go into too much detail about that, because these criminals can escape.

In an interview with Millennium, Curie Gonzalez repeated this Keretaro Attorney General works at full power Find and arrest those responsible for the violence In the Querétaro building, while citizens ask for patience, because there will be no impunity.

That they have patience and trust in us, because the Public Prosecution Service is acting within the deadline and I am sure we will get results […] Let’s go for the people, the punishment will be the extent of their cowardice and the amount of anger we all have with these people who looked so bad.

state president He admitted that there were shortcomings on the part of the security staff: “Of course I did (there were omissions). The Public Prosecution Service is already conducting an investigation.

The governor renewed the status of the injured: “Of the 26 injured, 20 have already been discharged; have Four in yellow statusThat is, their lives are not in danger, but they are vulnerable; One in red that excites us the most† A broadcast, that’s qFrom Urethane, who lost his eye, but his life is not in danger.”

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in the same way Mauricio Kurri repeated that the dead are not: “We are shocked by what happened in Kerétaro. We see the pictures and I, like many, especially in the beginning, said: “They are dead, we see them lying there, with inert beats“But fortunately We have no deaths.”

The aggressors of the Corregidora Stadium: they do not go unpunished. I’ll find you because you don’t deserve to be on the street.

We will apply the law to all responsible persons. pic.twitter.com/o2wpmP0p5X

— Mauricio Curry (@makugo) March 6, 2022

Finally he left the line open Report all facts related to the event And revealed how many phone calls were received:

It’s my responsibility to tell the truth, we don’t learn anything by lying. 19 of the 26 taken to hospital have since been discharged. If anyone has other real information I will provide my personal phone number to send me Whatsapp: 4422870622. pic.twitter.com/jvvAt4EVNZ

— Mauricio Curry (@makugo) March 7, 2022

“We received 20 calls: There were 15 journalists, one denounced the alleged aggressor, The other declared him missing and interrupted him.That was a non-serious call and Two people offered evidence of the aggressors, who, of course, already had the presence of the Public Prosecution Service.† I understand the images were very powerful, but the reality is this, thank goodness we have no deaths.

We will not hide anything. I know the stadium photos are disturbing and the names of people likely to be killed have been released; But today we confirm that they are happily alive and receiving medical care. pic.twitter.com/QoPYjEwqMi

— Mauricio Curry (@makugo) March 6, 2022

(According to Claro Brand)

Source: La Neta Neta