“Egan’s case is unique in the world,” his neurosurgeon said

Local residents and strangers have been surprised by the quick and almost miraculous recovery of Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal, who suffered a serious traffic accident last January and required surgery for multiple fractures.

But the desire and strength that the cyclist has put into his rehabilitation has allowed him to be close to the competition again and to be a “unique case in the world” because of the immediate progress he has made in the field. of health, something that impressed his neurosurgeon Gustavo Uriza.

“This is a case beyond all normal medical parameters. Egan arrived in a very critical situation, with very serious injuries: to the spine, thigh, patella. He was immediately treated by doctors from the Universidad de la Sabana Clinic; a normal three month patient is just starting to walk, but with Egan at 18 days we had to fire him because he was much better,” said the doctor on Blu Radio’s Mañanas Blu program.

“His recovery has really accelerated. Let’s not say it’s inexplicable to science because these normal healing processes of the body, in young people, take between three and six months for certain fractures, but the fact that he is a top athlete, his physical preparation, his mental attitude , your body, make your recovery faster than usual,” he added.

Although the winner of the 2019 Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia in 2021 is close to returning to competition, the health specialist was rather cautious about whether the Zipaqui native returns to his best level.

“It’s hard to say, but he has a lot of mental strength, we have no history in the world of a top athlete who suffered such severe trauma as Egan and returned to competition. We found out and there is no case of 20 broken bones and that he will return to the competition,” he said.

Finally, Egan’s doctor pointed out that his recovery will now be in the hands of the Team Ineos doctors – Bernal has already traveled to Europe – but that he will continue to stay in touch with him to learn more about his evolution.

“For my part, Egan was already able to make a couple, which we would not have allowed him so as not to put strain on the body. What comes is teamwork, when it goes to competitive work it already depends on the specialists in Europe,” he concluded.

Source: El heraldo