3 Zelensky Candid About Assassination Attempts: “The Russians Were Minutes Away”

3 Zelensky Candid About Assassination Attempts: “The Russians Were Minutes Away”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in the magazine weather forecast He spoke at length about the assassination attempts at the beginning of the war. For example, it was reported that Russian paratroopers approached his location within minutes. Shots were heard in his office.

Earlier this month, Time reporter Simon Shuster spent two weeks in the bunker in the Ukrainian capital where Zelensky operates.

In a candid interview, Zelensky tells how he and his wife, daughter (17) and son (9) had to prepare to escape at night. “It was noisy,” the Ukrainian leader said. “There were a lot of explosions,” he said.

In the end, he did not evacuate, although his advisers knew the office was “not the safest place.” Russian troops were stopped a few blocks away, while the presidential guard blocked the entrance to the building with existing debris. Allies and friends came to Zelensky against all advice to partially replace him when he was shot unexpectedly, writes weather forecast.

Explanation of how weapons work

Body armor and rifles were distributed to Zelensky employees. “At least half of the group needed explanations about how the weapons work,” Ukrainian intelligence spokesman Oleksiy Arestovych said. “It was a madhouse.”

A presidential adviser said Zelensky could not understand the early days of the war. It is said that in the early days he several times refused offers to evacuate Kiev with the help of the Americans or the British. “I need ammunition, not a lift,” Zelensky said.

Then he realized what his role was: “I am a head of state, a symbol. People look at you and you have to meet certain expectations.”

The president recorded this video the day he decided not to evacuate:

fear of war on Instagram

Zelensky says he stayed up at night because of the war for his country. He also says he is aging quickly due to recent developments: “I got this new information about murder and torture that I never wanted.”

The president said he secretly visited the front with the bodyguards. He reportedly spoke and ate with soldiers on the outskirts of Kiev. “It was the right thing to do.”

Zelensky is concerned about how the war will unfold outside Ukraine as the war continues. He told a Time reporter that he felt the world’s interest waning. Zelensky, who wants the free world to experience the war “as if it were about survival,” said: “People see this war on Instagram, on social media. They walk when they are tired,” he said.

Source: NU