Paula Bado says goodbye to the Mutua Madrid Open | Video – Network Network –

Paula Bado says goodbye to the Mutua Madrid Open |  Video – Network Network –

spanish tennis player Paula Bados He suffered a heavy defeat this Saturday 6-3 and 6-1 for Romanian Simona HalepFormer number one in the world says goodbye in round two Mutual Madrid openAdditionally At stake was his second place in the WTA rankings.

catalan footballer Whoever came to this tournament with great ambitions for his community ended up becoming a Aleppo is very inspired What is the season where today The 15th issue in the world is trying to restore its best version.

This meeting was presented as: Duel in the last resort, More than the second round, but a Badosa’s useless beginnings Where he lost his job There was a trend that repeated itself throughout the challenge it has started 3-0

the second seed Was able to compress the Spaniards a bit Pause recovery, 3-3 With a lot of manpower. But once the sleeve is flattened, Aleppo struck a blow to power That I won’t let go and go The first set is dominated by 6-3.

The bad news for this bados They haven’t grown big in the second set since then at 3-0 in the advantage AleppoThe Catalan had to get him Treat the right shoulder Because of the problem.

Badosa could return to the meeting, But The problem didn’t really helpHow The match reached 5-0 Before winning the first game with a score of 5 to 1, shortly before with precise kicks, Aleppo eventually scores 6-1 To expel the host team from the tournament.

After reaching the semi-finals last yearBadosa left confused and disappointed again, It is already thinking about a future challenge that will allow it to reaffirm its status The number two currently hanging by the thread.

after departure, The Spanish tennis player admitted

All that’s left is his cheers, he’s our sporting champion. This isn’t the best time, it’s bad, it’s hard to lose at home […] It was a difficult week, very tense, with many things. Also a sleek construction. I think I need a few days off because there are tournaments that feel like five and they still are. I think I’m going to get some rest

As for your injury On the right shoulder and his role in the controversy! bados Comments made:

Good on the shoulder, party, you’ve seen it. He played at a brilliant level, to his credit, I didn’t play well

with victory, Aleppo enters the third round Where will he stand against the American? Coco Goof.

(Reported by Europa Press)

Source: La Neta Neta