Barcelona win the Futsal Champions League – La Neta Neta –

Barcelona win the Futsal Champions League – La Neta Neta –

Barça defeated Sporting CP (4-0) this week in the final of the Futsal Champions League, played in Arena de Riga, in Azulgrana’s excellent play to avenge last year’s final against the Portuguese and advance to the fourth European championship.

Cool’s team achieved the best result of the season in Jesus Velasco’s first season on the bench, in the third consecutive final in the “Velho Continente”. Sergio Lozano and Pito made it 2-0 at halftime, while Ferrão scored the third goal 30 seconds after extra time.

This year, in the Supercopa and in the Spanish Cup, the champions Barça added their fourth “champion”. Compared to the 2012, 2014 and 2020 events. After an epic comeback against Benfica in the semi-finals, where they lost 3-0 in the semi-final and won extra time with 18 seconds left, Culle’s team led van start to finish. Crown.

The final failed to achieve this madness, a solid, not lost and very effective Barça. Lozano advanced and scored in the third attempt to cut the ball and pass Didak’s door, in the 15th minute the ball kicked the ball into the net with his left foot, before halftime Pito doubled the advantage. †

Left-handed Sporting was hit, but with the same result as last year, they became champions. The Portuguese plan suffered a serious setback just 30 seconds after the Brazilian made it 3-0 for Ortiz with a stunning penalty in the area. Sporting Guitta’s keeper quickly gave his men the advantage, but Velasco’s keepers were far behind.

It wasn’t Zick’s, Matos’s, Eric’s or Cardinal’s day, Barça dominated flawlessly, as their opponents passed the keeper’s keeper in the last seven minutes. There, Didak scored 4-0 with his goal, for a long and deserved celebration of four-time champions Barca on Latvia’s grounds behind Inter.

Information: Europa Press.

Source: La Neta Neta