1 Nowhere does Corona spread faster than Germany, the Netherlands in the top ten

1 Nowhere does Corona spread faster than Germany, the Netherlands in the top ten

The coronavirus appears to be making a slow comeback around the world. In the former epicenter – the United States, India and Brazil – the daily number of infections has fallen so much that, surprisingly, Germany is now the country where the virus is spreading the fastest. The Netherlands is in the top ten.

Figures from Johns Hopkins University show that the Robert Koch-Institut, the German equivalent of RIVM, has registered 4.75 million infections in the past four weeks. That’s 750,000 more than Russia, which is number two on the list, and more than a million more than South Korea, which is in third place.

Neighbors in the east do not have to worry about the pressure on care: the Robert Koch-Institut writes that only 9.6% of all available IC beds are occupied by a corona patient.

For that reason, many relaxations were implemented in the federal states on March 4. For example, nightclubs have reopened and there are now lax rules for unvaccinated people.

Top 10 of the Netherlands

With 1.9 million infections in four weeks, the Netherlands is in tenth place behind the United States, Brazil, France, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan and the aforementioned top three.

Despite the many infections, the total hospital occupancy here is hardly increasing. There is more pressure on healthcare because many employees are infected with the corona virus and are therefore not available. While hospitals in Brabant therefore ask their staff to come to work despite the infection, there is fear in Limburg for access to regular care.

GGDs assume the increase in positive tests is the result of community reopening and recent carnival celebrations.

Six millionth corona death reported

Johns Hopkins University also reported Monday that the coronavirus has officially claimed six million lives worldwide.

The actual number is much higher because not all countries report all corona-related deaths and in many countries the figures are incomplete.

The official number of infections is approaching 450 million. There are almost 6.9 million positive tests in the Netherlands.

Source: NU