NBA Playoffs: Milwaukee gave Boston its first loss after the season Video – Rede Rede –

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Boston Celtics 101-89 TD Garden And it was resolved 1-0 in the relevant series Second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Greek Gianni Antetocumpo recorded the second triple-double of his postseason career. After receipt 24 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assistsCurrent monarchs have led to important victories Boston Opening the series of the second round and finding a way to the final Eastern Conference.

But Twice The NBA’s Most Valuable Wasn’t The Only One To Shine DT boston gardensince american Junior holiday 25 supported units and 10 elevators dollars Stealing the home advantage The first showdown of the series for the first four wins

We have to remember that celts They haven’t lost at home since April 7, when they lost to the same team 127-121. dollars In the regular season.

that’s the reason BostonJason Tatum Have 21 points while Jalen Brown 12 added, but still, from a duo of young stars celts just combined 10 of 31 shotsThat a Performance is much lower than expected The team named as one of the championship favorites a few days ago After a 4-0 defeat to Netes.

The series returns this Tuesday May 3 at Boston Garden, where the house Let’s try to win a series before we leave for Milwaukee! where it will beYou will find the champion for the 3rd and 4th game, A situation where a 2-0 loss would be almost catastrophic for the team Aspiration for the first championship since 2008

🔥 Duel of the Titans 🔥. Semi-final with guaranteed fun 🤩. Both teams have a 10-10 regular season record between them since 2016.
ამ Comment on this tweet about your prediction about the winner and how many games he will have:

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In the second series, played on Sunday, Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies 117-116 Get started Tennessee FedEx Forum, Thanks to the excellent play of the 22-year-old, Jordanian moneyWho scored 31 points from the bench and was overshadowed as a local star Yes Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr.who despite? Collect 34 and 33 points, Corresponding, They couldn’t win at home.

No lack of emotions in the two-legged game between the two teams A marker that sets itself to the last secondWhen from a triple veteran, Clay Thompson defeated the Grizzlies Make a profit.

The NBA will continue with matchups next Monday, May 2:


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