Russian Football Association again calls on TAS | Tweet – Net Net –

Russian Football Association again calls on TAS |  Tweet – Net Net –

Russian Football Federation Prepare a new resource Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) Than UEFA extends sanction in European tournaments Russian teams After the military invasion of Ukraine ordered by the regime Vladimir Putin.

UEFA It was announced on Monday Russia Cannot be a candidate to host Europe 2028 Or in 2032, when your rep can’t compete League of Nationssanction, which also applies towomen’s choice, That he can’t play Euro 2022 He will play in July, where he will be replaced by Portugal, nor in a European qualifier Women’s World Cup 2023.

Further, UEFA Executive Committee Also decided to expand Sanctions for Russian clubs, That they can’t argue European competitions next season. This is an event that has been used and addressed this year Moscow Spartak, Who was eliminated in the quarterfinals? Europa League Because of the state of war caused by your country.

The Russian news agency “Novosti” reports on the basis of the statement Russian Football Federation, He pointed:

The Russian Federation will continue to represent its interests in cases already referred to the Court of Sports Arbitration in Lausanne and reserves the right to further appeal.

Russia has already gone to TAS . gone Appeal FIFA decision It excluded Russian clubs from the competition and met a backlash against its interests.

(Reported by Europa Press)

Source: La Neta Neta