Gymnastics coach Wevers very relieved after acquittal

Gymnastics coach Wevers very relieved after acquittal

Gymnastics coach Vincent Wevers was particularly relieved when he heard that the Disciplinary Committee for Sports Law (ISR) had acquitted him of excessive behaviour. “I waited for the results with confidence, but the past two and a half years were certainly not fun,” he says in a written statement to the NOS.

Since 2020, several former gymnasts have filed complaints against Wevers for his unacceptable behaviour. According to the Disciplinary Committee, it is insufficiently established that the gymnastics trainer was guilty of defective disciplining behaviour. The Committee also notes that the discussions and discussions with declarants and stakeholders are of insufficient quality.

The Disciplinary Committee is of the opinion that the file and the arguments of the public prosecutor and witnesses at the hearing provide a clear picture of some abuses caused by the suspect. But the allegations against Wevers are not convincingly substantiated, according to the disciplinary committee.

Wevers was relieved but also disappointed about how things had turned out. Being treated like a convict without trial has a big effect,” he said. “In the Netherlands we have a (judicial) system through which an independent body can decide in a certain case. This has not happened in my case. This process touched me personally, my family and the people around me, such as gymnasts. I stood in the hallway with him every day, KNGU as an employer did not protect me and stood up against me.

Source: RTL