Benzema, Madrid hero after late hat-trick, PSG stars out

Real Madrid reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League at the expense of Paris Saint-Germain. In an exciting duel in Madrid, the Spanish leaders turned a 0-1 lead into a 3-1 victory in the second half thanks to a hat-trick by Karim Benzema.

At an atmospheric Santiago Bernabéu with supporters with a written banneromos los reyes de europe (“We are the kings of Europe”) once again underlined the rich history of the Spanish club’s Champions League, as Real had to recover after a 1-0 defeat in the first leg.

main role

As the match approaches, the lead is not yet reserved for Benzema, but for Kylian Mbappé. The striker, who won in Paris three weeks ago and whose contract expires this year, has been dealing with Real Madrid for years.

However, it was doubtful whether the French prodigy would be able to play after being kicked in the foot in training on Monday.

Danny Makkelie leads the cracker between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain


The French leader eventually “only” appeared at the kick-off with the super trio Mbappe, Neymar and Lionel Messi. Georginio Wijnaldum and Xavi Simons had to lie down on the bench, leaving referee Danny Makkelie and his assistants in the Santiago Bernabéu as the only Dutchmen on the field.

Spanish Fury

Real Madrid started the game quickly, immediately caught the opportunity for two halves. The French star formation must have feared being overtaken in the first ten minutes, but from the first counterattack, Mbappé put himself in a good shooting position. He did meet the expanding Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgian goalkeeper also saved the dangerous Frenchman’s second attempt, but PSG gradually gained more dominance and more opportunities on the field. Messi hit the ball after a smooth throw from just in front of Neymar, after which Mbappe’s goal was disallowed after assistant referee Jan de Vries ruled offside.

Minutes later, the 23-year-old star applauded. Neymar sent Mbappe deep and then the French hit the ball hard into the bottom corner, making the first half 0-1. Real then had no more than two chances for Benzema.

Mbappe and Neymar celebrate first goal


Shortly after the break, Mbappé finally seemed to kill the home team with a great body trick, but that goal was also canceled due to offside.

Everything changed after that. With half an hour to go, Real’s hard play once again added tension to the game after a big mistake by PSG goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who was too slow with a pass-back at Benzema’s insistence. The Frenchman then grabbed the ball at his feet and threw the equalizer towards the strings.

Hit Defense

When the defense of Paris hit hard, the people of Madrid seized the opportunity again. Fifteen minutes after the finish, Luka Modric started the 2-1 with a spectacular pass from Benzema that was deftly fired from Marquinhos’ leg.

At 3-1, fifteen minutes after the kick-off after 2-1, Benzema again benefited from an unnecessary turnover from Paris Saint-Germain. Vinicius grabbed the ball, took it out and the 34-year-old Frenchman cornered him.

Source: NOS