“Real Madrid is special, it is inexplicable”: Ancelotti

“Real Madrid is special, it is inexplicable”: Ancelotti

A Carlo Ancelottic he was out of words to define what he experienced this Wednesday in another European comeback to the Manchester City and access to the end of the Champions Leagueand assured that “Real Madrid is special” and “it is inexplicable” what has been going on since Rodrygo He scored two goals in the final stretch.

“The players never lower their arms, Real Madrid is something special, it’s inexplicable. We have to thank the players for what they do. To the fans for the environment, the atmosphere. And then we have to add the quality that we have. ” Nobody thought we would play a final this year and we are here,” he said.

“It’s not easy to explain. When everyone thought the game was over, one small detail, a combination and Rodrygo’s goal was enough. It didn’t take long from then on, but we put in all the energy we had. ” To win these kinds of competitions you also need a bit of luck. The rival was very strong, the game was very competitive, but the team did not give up. After the goal it was much more complicated, but we had to sacrifice and energy, the changes helped a lot,” he added.

Ancelotti kept the magic the Santiago Bernabeu breathed during the Champions League qualifiers to knock out PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City.

“Something strange has happened. We’ve had fantastic nights against very strong teams that have won the Champions League. A lot of the credit goes to the players and to a crowd pushing not only in the stadium but also outside it.” The weight of the shirt the players have when they put it on, the whole history of the club, the pride we have to be part of this club,” he said.

Ancelotti returns to a Champions League final, with the chance to become the first coach to win four. “I’m very happy to play a final again, it will be against a great team like Liverpool. In my history I played against them once as a player and then as a coach in 2005 and 2007, now too. I spent two years there lived for years and for me it will be like a derby,” he said.

“I know Jurgen (Klopp, Liverpool coach) very well, he is a great coach. I have the utmost respect for him. It will be a fantastic final between two teams with different characteristics. It will be a very balanced final,” he said. . added.

The Italian coach emphasized the confidence everyone has felt since Rodrygo scored the first goal in the 91st minute, convinced of his chances of coming back.

“In extra time, the psychological thing was the most important. If you equalize at the last minute, it’s clear they had a setback because they saw the final slip and Rodrygo’s second goal gave us more energy.”

Source: El heraldo