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Seattle Saunders became Wednesday First MLS Team in the conquest Concacaf Champions League, After a 3-0 kick, Global rises 5-2 cougar on the second leg Lastalmost mentioned before 69,000 spectators at Lumen Field.

In addition, there will be an American team The first MLS representative in the next issue FIFA Club World Championshipwhere to play against Real Madrid or LiverpoolFinalists UEFA Champions League.

Seattle Patiently endured and scored Peru’s goals at the right time for the university team Raul RuidiazAuthor of the double in the 45th and 80th minutes, in addition to scoring another goal for the Uruguayan. Nicolas Lodeiro at 88.

The first half started with nerves from both teams. at 32 minutes, Washington Corozo He finished the game on the right foot, but the ball escaped the protected frame. Stefan Frey.

The US team got its best chance in the 42nd minute, when Nicolas Lodeiro He kicked his left leg and the ball went slightly off course, under his watchful eye. Alfredo Talavera.

And before we go to recess, Good luck to the local team! Who opened the scoring after hitting Peru Raul Ruidaz, diverted by Brazil Diogo de Oliveira Barboa The goalkeeper and captain of Puma go in vain in the background.

in the filling area Pumas came close to equalizingTimes with a set shot Juan Ignacio Dineno At 61 minutes and especially at 64 minutes when Diogo nodded in the middle of the square, Measured after service: korozo, but the goalkeeper Frey saved his painting with great difficulty.

Error talavera On his way out he almost jumped on the ship University response attemptBut the goalkeeper in the same game justified himself by bending his left foot with one hand Alex Roldan At 69′.

Seattle Killed Cougars With All Hope 10 minutes after the end when? Ruidias topped us off with a dizzying counter-attack With the left staircase, Impossible Talavera in three posts.

The Mexican national team’s income reached 88′ when Nicolas Lodeiro Sends the ball to the nets, after hitting Jordan Morris, diverted talavera, But the ball hit the post and the Uruguayan served.

That’s the reason The Seattle Saunders broke the hegemony of Liga MX teams At the conquerors And it is a worthy representative of the area in which FIFA Club World Championship What the contest format activates and includes: 24 teams, divided into eight groups of three teams, in China.

End of game / return
Seattle Saunders 3-0 Cougar (5-2)
Stadium: Lumenplein
Referee: Said Martinez (Honduras)
1-0 (45′).- Raul Ruidias (own goal)
2-0 (80′).- Raul Ruidiaz
3-0 (88′).- Nicolas Lodeiro

Seattle Saunders
Stephen Frey
Xavier Areaga
Yeymar Gomez
nuh fool
(Kelin Rowe, 11′)
Alex Roldan
Nicolas Lodeiro (Yellow, 89′)
(Freddie Montero, 90+3′)
Albert Rusnak (yellow, 57′)
John Paul
(Obed Vargas, 29′)
Raul Ruidiaz
(Will Brown, 90+3′)
Jordan Morris
(Jackson Ragen, 90+3′)
Christian Roldan
DT: Brian Schmetzer

Alfredo Talavera
Nicolau Freire
Arthur Ortiz
Efrin Velarde
Jose Galindo (Yellow, 6′)
Higor Mateus Meritao
Leonel Lopez (Yellow, 34′)
(Roger, 63′)
Favio Alvarez
Juan Ignacio Dineno
Washington Corozo
(Jorge Ruvalkaba, 76′)
DT: Andres Lilin

Source: La Neta Neta