Prosecutor ISR appeals against Wevers acquittal, gymnastics association will prosecute

Description Vincent Wevers

“I received a message from KNGU that the public prosecutor can appeal on their behalf. I’m not surprised given the sentiment and position they took in their previous trainer acquittals. Remarkable because the Disciplinary Committee clearly stated this in the minutes. The decision that KNGU considered for years to support my learning process and then support the complaint against me.

I realized last Monday’s acquittal was a mess. I get a lot of support and positive feedback from different walks of life. Of course I hear those who are surprised by the acquittal. Given the sentiment that has emerged in the media thus far, I can only imagine. I think it is important that people read the decision carefully before making the decision.

I also indicated very early on that the procedure of the Commission of Inquiry was not clear. However, this was not the reason for his acquittal. The decision was based on material reasons, which can be read in the decision. Should the public prosecutor object, I do not expect any significant changes with regard to the acquittal announced by the Independent Disciplinary Commission. I look forward to the sequel with confidence. As with this preparation for the acquittal, I will give my full commitment and cooperation.”

Source: NOS